Family Office Services

Our services can be broadly organized into Wealth Management and Family Office Services. While some clients currently only have need of our Wealth Management services, they also benefit from our depth of resources and our focus on providing comprehensive solutions. We provide a framework to approach financial needs in aggregate rather than in isolation. As a multi-family office, we provide a great depth of services, which allows our clients to stay on top of their entire financial situation, no matter how great the complexity.

Family Office Services


Advanced Tax & Estate Planning
Philanthropic Planning
Multi-Generational Planning
Conservatorship and Trust Consultation
Debt Structure Consultation

Family Governance

  1. Family Tree/ Family History Timeline
  2. Creation of Family Decision-Making Framework
  3. Implementation of Annual Gifting Program
  4. Financial Education and Assistance for children and grandchildren
  5. Assistance in Development and Operation of Family Business Councils

Acting as Family Chief Financial Officer

  1. Tax planning or Coordination
  2. Education Advisement
  3. Data Compilation
  4. Bill Paying
  5. Trust Services
  6. Insurance Strategies
  7. Beneficiary Management
  8. Concierge Services

Business Services

  1. Financial Analysis
  2. Business Entity & Creation Analysis
  3. Retirement Plan Services
  4. Key Person Compensation Arrangements
  5. Bank Arrangements & Loan Requests
  6. Business Continuity Planning
  7. Business Exit Strategies/ Succession Planning

Billing by retainer or by scope of work required

*Cravens and Company Advisors does not provide legal advice. If legal assistance is required, the service of a currently practicing professional should be sought.