Our Mission

At Cravens & Company, we are passionate about helping families, businesses, and foundations realize their financial goals. Because goals cannot be measured by returns, we measure our success as a firm in the same way you do: by successful outcomes.

Our mission has always been to help clients increase the type of wealth money can’t buy and death can’t take away. We want to give you the freedom to spend your time and efforts on the things you value most – your family, your business pursuits, recreation, community involvement – without the need for day-to-day concerns about the management of your financial assets. We strive to prepare our clients for life's inevitable perils and position them for its potential opportunities.

We are committed to building highly personalized, long-term partnerships with a select group of individuals and organizations that desire and place great value upon:


Leadership • Relationship • Creativity • Results


Our Values and Distinctives

Since 1996, Cravens & Company has been serving the specialized needs of family businesses and their owners, professionals, and retirees. Over the years our firm has changed and matured, evolving from a model where the individual advisor acts alone in all areas of the client relationship to an ensemble of functional specialists who collaborate to find comprehensive solutions. While prudent investment advice is a foundation of our service, we believe we best serve our clients by bringing all facets of their unique financial picture into view, then helping them make decisions in aggregate rather than isolation.

Cravens & Company Advisors, LLC, is located in Cookeville, Tenn., and has clients throughout the country. It is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Progressive Savings Bank. Cravens & Company is registered as a Registered Independent Advisor with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. We provide integrated wealth management services including financial planning and asset management.

Our Pledge

  • Core values, experience, client success
  • At Cravens & Company, our sole purpose is to help individuals, families and institutions build and preserve wealth. Our ultimate objective is to help you maximize your quality of life while minimizing risk. To that end, we give that promise to you.
  • We are committed to building a long-term partnership with you, and will provide you with:
    • Personal Attention
    • Regular Communication
    • A Team Approach
    • Competence
    • Creativity
    • Confidentiality


n.) -not subject to control by others.

  • Independent, objective advice
  • Cravens & Company is a Registered Investment Advisor by choice. Since we are not part of a brokerage firm with in-house products to sell, we are free to choose those non-biased investments that serve your best interests. Our goal is to offer objective guidance, and RIA status gives us not only the ability but also the fiduciary duty to do so.